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Oral Piercing

As with any new trend, people rush to try it and body piercing is no exception. As more young people pierce their tongues and lips, they are also risking numerous dental problems.

  • Tongue piercings can often result in severe swelling and pain due to the numerous nerve endings. This can make eating and talking very difficult. A severely swollen tongue may actually block a person’s airway.
  • Infection is a real danger with oral piercings. Allergic reactions may occur if the stud is not pure metal. Blood poisoning and blood clots are other potential concerns.
  • Tongue and lip piercing also affect teeth and gums. Teeth can often become cracked or chipped from the barbell moving in the month. Gum tissue may also be damaged by continuous contact with the metal barbell.
  • Talk to your dentist first about the safest choices and proper care and cleaning


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